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​Starting with a 15 minute meditation, your group will focus on a particular subject or idea.  This meditation will being to light how the individual feels and imagines this topic.  With ideas and images flowing, participants will then explore their ideas and beliefs through their work with paint and canvas.

$ 500 (limited to 15 participants)  $25 for each additional participant
A two hour art program includes:  meditation, painting supplies, one canvas for each person.

This class talks about the benefits of mediation in all of its forms.  Then participants learn and practice  4 to 6 different patterns.  After instruction, individuals will use their new skills to create an original art piece or card to take home with them.

$ 200 (limited to 25 participants)
A one hour art program that includes: 4 -6 patterns, pen, practice paper and art paper for each person.
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